Friday, August 21, 2009

YKK AP Wins Design Award

YKK APĀ® Wins International Design Excellence Award With Aid Of Agency Video

YKK AP's ThermaShade sunshade has won the IDEA Silver award in the Commercial & Industrial Products category in the 2009 International Design Excellence Awards.
One of the key contributors to YKK AP's winning entry was a video produced by Freebairn's interactive designer, Kit Becker, agency creative director, Mack Kirkpatrick, and Richard Braunstein, product development manager for YKK AP.
"Building components are not the type of products that typically win design competitions," says Richard Braunstein. "ThermaShade's strength is the way it adds to the energy efficiency of a building and at the same time offers an architectural element for building design. I think the video we created did an outstanding job of showcasing ThermaShade's benefits as one of YKK AP's sustainable building solutions which support a strategic energy policy for the United States."
The IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) program is an international competition honoring excellence in industrial design. Entries are invited from designers, students and companies worldwide.

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